Yen Ching Express is a modern take on Milwaukee’s beloved Yen Ching Restaurant which
graced the city for nearly three decades. Founded in 1986 by Shiy Wang, Yen Ching became
renowned for its outstanding Chinese cuisine and warm hospitality.
Yen Ching’s legacy now lives on as Yen Ching Express. Shiy Wang’s sons, Thomas and Brian
Wang, have revived the taste of Yen Ching as a fast-casual Chinese restaurant. Yen Ching
Express offers a thoughtfully curated menu with treasured classics such as Cashew Chicken,
Mongolian Beef, Sizzling Rice Soup and many more. Quality remains paramount; all dishes are
made to order, ensuring the flavors you remember.
We offer carryout or third party delivery service for lunch and dinner six days a week. Please
join us in reliving the legacy at Yen Ching Express.